​What kind of music is right for your restaurant?

​What kind of music is right for your restaurant?

Andrea G on 2nd Nov 2022

Where we eat today, is a very frequent question, and that is often linked to a list of several restaurants according to the tastes and mood of the consumer at that time, the choice is not given only by the food, also by the atmosphere and comfort they find in the restaurant, carefully choose the decoration, Staff and playlist is a crucial and important topic of every restaurant manager.

Today we will focus on detailing the importance of the choice of music, keep reading...

Having a good playlist can create the perfect environment for customers to feel more relaxed, like feeling at home. It also allows to fill the silence, avoiding customers feeling uncomfortable and allowing to hide or disguise some sounds coming from the kitchen or from your staff. It gives more image and personality to your restaurant.

Allow your customers to forget about the day-to-day, concentrating on the music, the food and the moment. When choosing music, we must avoid playing music very loud, very fast or heavy types of music such as heavy metal or other styles that are not preferred by most, and thus prevent your customers from having an unpleasant experience.

Aspects that you should consider when choosing music:

Examine your type of restaurant and what type of music best matches your customers, your décor, and your type of food. And the kind of mood you want your customers to have, including the ages of your customers.

It is important to consider the time and day, as your customers may prefer calmer and more relaxing music in the mornings and at lunchtime, while in the evenings louder and bolder music to help them clear themselves of the stress of the day, and especially important try to make Fridays fun, exciting and boisterous. As on weekends, diners look for fun and daring environments that on weekdays

You can choose to get a Jukebox which you have a pre-established list, and the customers can choose the music but remember when selecting the songs for the pre-established list, always guide you by the music guidelines that match with your type of restaurant.

Finally, beware of songs that offend or annoy customers. This means songs with obscene, heavy metal or rap lyrics, unless this fits the style of the restaurant and the hour of the day. Music should always be kept at low volume in the background. Customers want to be friends with your restaurant, not their enemies.

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