Leasing vs. Renting

Lease To Own

Own It from Day One 
Our Lease-to-Own program gives you the flexibility to pay for an appliance at an affordable rate. It’s yours from the moment you sign, and when the payments end, it’s yours to keep. 
100% Tax Write-Off 
You can claim your leased equipment as a business expense since you own it and you’re paying for it. That means you can write it off as a deduction on your taxes, leaving you with more in your pocket after tax season. 
Choose Your Chemical Company 
The chemicals you use in and on your appliance will be entirely up to you. You’ve got the freedom to make a choice based on pricing, efficiency, ethics, and any other personal metrics. 

Indefinite Renting

Forever Giving Your Money Away 
You are beholden to the renting company for the entire existence of your restaurant. That’s one more expense that you don’t need to have. 
Zero Tax Savings 
Since the appliance does not belong to you, you cannot claim it as a business expense. Therefore, it can not be written off your taxes, leaving you to pay more than you need to. 
Chemical Company Decided for You 
These machines belong to the renting company, and they’ll often have specifics about how they want you to handle it. You have no say in this manner, as using your own chemicals could be considered a breach of contract. 

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