Get to Know Leasetaurant

Get to Know Leasetaurant

Andrea G on 5th Oct 2022

Who we are

We are the Nation's premier source for leasing restaurant equipment! We’re the company that gets you the product you need at the lowest cost of ownership. You pay a low monthly payment for a fixed period, then you own the equipment 100% once fully paid off.

Our mission

On our site, you’ll find a variety of the many brand new, high-quality, food service products that we can offer you. Give us a call and let us help you figure out which product and program best suits your needs. We’ll have an answer for you within minutes and most products ship within a few days. You’ll be on your way to owning your equipment in no time!

We don't want you to get trapped into a long-term, auto renewing or indefinite rental plan. Call us and start saving money right now! There’s no obligation, and the process is simple and fast. Invest in your business and increase your profits!

Remember we offer Lease-to-Own Financing System. Our system allows you to finance your entire kitchen through our many banks. Once you choose and sign your lease terms we begin ordering and shipping your equipment. All you do is make payments until the entire unit is paid off. Easy, fast, comfortable!

Our brands

We Offer Three Product Tiers:

  1. Value Brands: are one of our favorite recommendations for our customers starting new businesses. The brands are some of the best-selling, most economical brands with excellent quality. Their products will adapt perfectly to your needs, and most importantly, your pockets! You can find brands such as Admiral Craft, Bk Resources, Atosa, Migali, Akita, JMC Furniture, Bison, among many others.
  1. Midline Brands: are one of our favorite recommendations for our customers opening their second restaurant or a franchise. These brands are both high-quality brands and durable. Some of these great manufactures include: Amerikooler, APW Wyot, Blue Air, American Dish Service, Everest and much more.
  1. High-End Brands: we recommend this for customers who have a lot of time in business. These brands are best for owners looking for more specialized equipment. You can find high-quality brands such as Marshal Pizza Ovens Pitco, True, Turbo Air, Vulcan.

If you want to know more about us and make your restaurant's dreams come true, visit our website, or call us for more detailed information. Teamstaurant is ready and waiting to help you build the kitchen of your dreams! Shop Now!