Dishwasher Checklist


1. It's good to clean the machine every few days by simply taking a rag and wiping down any external grease or grease that builds around the edges and into the water build up area in front. Just a soapy wet rag will do with dish soap.

2. Add a cup of de-limer once a month and run the machine for 10 minutes on de-lime mode and the machine will basically clean it self. You can purchase de-limer here or simply look up their location nearest you and just stop in.

3. Make sure you never leave food or silverware stuck inside the machine because it can get lodged into the motor below. Do always be conscious of that daily.

4. Every 5-6 months, it is good practice to change out the “squeeze tubes” that pick up the dishwasher chemicals in the front of the machine inside the turning plastic pumps. Just remove the cover and carefully slide the tube out & replace with a new one. You can purchase dishwasher squeeze tubes here Or by giving the customer service rep your dishwasher model number. They know which tubes are correct and other ancillary parts needed. Simply call 800-823-8318 that’s TCD Parts, great company.

5. Lastly, you will need to have a source to purchase your dishwasher chemicals and my personal recommendation nationally is Restaurant Depot. There is usually one in every city or a competitor to them. Either way, you will save 75% at these stores in comparison to buying from the food companies or Ecolab. Here is the website for Restaurant Depot, just enter your zip code here into the store locator you will save on average $2000-$2500 a year on wasted money for over priced chemicals.

These are the basic required steps to take in maintaining your dishwasher so you can avoid paying 5x the amount to the “big box” chemical companies moving forward!
For any other major repairs that you can’t repair on your own you can always take advantage of our available full coverage warranty program which will repair 100% parts and labor for 4 years after the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty expires, so 5 years total worry free warranty and with this unique offering you will save easily 50-75% in wasted money compared to indefinite renting! Stop over-paying today, start saving, use the money for your emergencies not to grow the rental companies pockets!

Team Leasetaurant 2021